2 Weeks on Testosterone!

Left – Pre-T || Middle – 1 week on T || Right – 2 weeks on T

So, I have been on Testosterone for two whole weeks (well, technically 2 weeks tomorrow morning but still) – it’s absolutely mad and I’ve had some changes happen already.

The first change was to my neck – within the first 24hrs of me applying my first dose my throat felt a lot thicker and more cartilage-y and it’s continued to feel thicker as the days have gone on. I’ve also noticed that the neck itself has gotten wider/thicker.

The next change that I noticed was my hairline. At first, I thought it was receding already and I very nearly flipped out, but then I realised that it was just my hairline readjusting to a more angular, less rounded shape.

I then noticed that the hair on my arms has been getting thicker (even though it’s still really blonde, which is annoying) and it’s also been growing a little further up my arm past my elbow. My leg hair is growing in thicker and really dark, and my eyebrows are even getting thicker.

The only other physical change that I’ve noticed is in my muscles. My traps have been growing (and causing me a bit of muscular pain as well) and the muscles in my back and arms have been getting bigger too (but I’ve had no pain from those.) I already had pretty big delts because of martial arts, but they’re also getting slightly more muscular. All in all, I’m really happy with this muscle growth and I’m considering getting off my arse and joining the gym.

The non-physical changes are the ones that aren’t so pleasant. In the first four days, I had the spot outbreak from hell and my skin was really oily and it just wasn’t a fun time really… but it’s since cleared so that’s okay (it’s also just struck me that technically that is a physical change but hey it’s redundant now so who cares anyway.) My appetite has increased hugely (although I did go through a four-day patch around the one-week mark where I had literally no appetite whatsoever.) But for the most part, I could literally just eat all day and still not be full – subsequently I’ve probably gained a bit of weight but it’s something that I’m no longer afraid of. The joyous pubescent hormone-driven mood swings aren’t really the best things either… people tend to forget that taking HRT is effectively putting you through a second puberty. The final non-physical change (which I guess maybe is physical really but shh) is GROWING PAINS. This really surprised me because since Year 7 I have remained at pretty much the same height (around the 4 ft 11″-5ft mark) so I can quite honestly say that my first puberty didn’t bring me much of a growth spurt. But within the past couple of days I’ve had some growing pains… I’m hardly going to become a 6ft tall guy, but a couple of extra inches would be nice – so as horrible as these pains are, I’m not entirely bothered about them.

Also, it’s December, so uh, Merry Christmas Month.




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