Four Weeks on T Update

So, I’ve been applying 50mg of Testogel every day for 4 weeks now. I am 2 days away from it being an entire month. Changes are slow and minimal and sometimes it frustrates me to no end, but then I remember that a lot of really noticeable changes don’t happen until 6 months+ and that every transmasculine person’s changes are different.

Since the two week mark, I haven’t really had any noticeable physical changes. Maybe a little bit of really fair hair starting to grow along my chest and the really fair peach fuzz on my face filling in underneath my jawline… but they’re not noticeable. My muscles are continuing to get broader around my back, but again, it’s only noticeable to me because I’m looking for every little minute change.

I think the most significant change has been in my temper. I’m literally reverting back to a moody pubescent pre-teen, which is great *note the sarcasm.* The smallest of things really piss me off and I’m not having the best of times with it at the moment. But this should hopefully sort itself out soon once my body’s used to the change in hormones.

Acne comes and goes… sometimes it’s like some sort of sick party on my face, but other times it’s completely cleared up. Weird.

Also, before I go, I’d just like to encourage you to check out Trash Prince. They’re a clothing company based in Toronto and have some pretty ace designs. They also have a Funding Partner at the moment, which is basically where a certain amount of the money they make from their products goes towards funding their Funding Partner’s surgery. Their current Funding Partner is my friend Nadjae (@nazthed0n on Instagram) who is raising funds for his top surgery in June. So if you find anything you like on the Trash Prince website, you can be assured that your money is going towards helping out a great guy.



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