Dear President Trump xoxo

Usually, I’m not too fond of sharing my political views online. But in honour of the Trumpster’s inauguration I decided to be a sheep and take inspiration from the whole #DearPresidentTrump shite that’s been going around today…

Dear President Trump,

I am not American. I could not vote – neither for you, nor against you. Stuck here across the pond in England, myself, like many others, sat watching your election campaign with baited breath and gritted teeth, waiting for your next speech to contain something that would cause offence to someone… either that, or become an internet meme.

But maybe an outsider’s point of view isn’t so invalid. After all, I am probably one of many who will benefit from your proposed “stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground.”

As a transgender man who’s heritage derives from an ethnic minority (Romani travellers), I really struggle to come to terms with your simple lack of respect for minority groups, whether it be racial or LGBT, or whatever. Your consistent aversion to marriage equality and your support for a blatantly anti-LGBT law (North Carolina’s HB2) is particularly upsetting in this day and age where statistics from the Suicide Prevention and Resource Center show that between 30% and 40% of LGBT youth and young adults in America attempt/succeed in committing suicide. And when put into context – around 1 in 4 Americans are LGBT – that is a scary figure. The fact that you, as the leader of the United States, are not motivated to reduce that statistic or even have the decency to put your personal views aside and accept that every American citizen regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation deserves to feel safe and accepted in their own damn country is beyond me. (Also, I find it strange how within HOURS of being elected, the term ‘LGBT’, as well as ‘Climate Change,’ has been removed from the White House website.)

Your slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is slightly problematic. What do you mean, ‘again?’ I don’t think any country is ‘great.’ Sure, it might have ASPECTS that are remarkable, but there are always going to be occasions where the country bites itself of the arse. For example, there are very few parts of American history to which any black person would want to return to, or in which any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person would wish to live in, or any woman would feel equal in. I think the only people who want to go back are your aboriginal people… I’m sure they’d LOVE to turn back the clocks to when they had full roam of their land, especially those currently putting up with bullshit at Standing Rock. So yes, make America great. But no, don’t make it great ‘again.’ Because what you think was ‘great’ before – it wasn’t. Maybe for you, in the environment you grew up in, it was – but take a walk through the streets of Detroit or Flint (yeah, remember Flint? They’re still without an uncontaminated water supply btw) and you’ll quickly realise that things aren’t so peachy for everyone, Donald.

You have an entire country at your stubby orange fingertips. Don’t fuck it up. Treat your people well and with respect, because just as you stood your ground and now stand tall, proud of yourself and your achievements, so do your people in that after years of fighting for equality, rights and general acceptance, they now have it. Don’t be the one to make them lose it.

Oh, and PS, as President you have absolute authority over regulating the standard of spray-tan you’re presented with. Personally, I’d tone the shade down from ‘Tangerine Dream’ to at least ‘California Poppy,’ but hey, you do you Mr President.



Elliot Diamond.


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