2 Months on Testosterone

I was officially two whole months on HRT on the 18th, so it’s about time I posted an update.

I haven’t had many ‘new’ changes happen since the four-week mark, but I’ve had a few existing changes continue to develop. I think the most noticeable change has been in my voice – although it hasn’t broken yet, it naturally sits in a much lower register than what it did Pre-T and 1 month on T.

The peach fuzz on my face has started to get a lot thicker and longer and although it’s still really fair, it’s quite noticeable when it catches the light. Also, I’ve just started to get my first few darker hairs on my upper lip, which I obviously find very exciting.

The fair hair that had started to grow in on my stomach is getting darker and longer, and the same goes for the hair on my legs.

My throat continues to get thicker and more cartilage-y and I’m finding that towards the end of the day it starts to hurt from talking, so I’m kind of hoping my voice breaks soon so I can be relieved of that.

I have definitely had a change around my face – my jawline’s a bit more square and there’s less water retention in my cheeks.

Ultimately though, I’m just a lot more happier and confident and I’m so excited for future changes!




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